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No. of limousines
Funeral Directors services
Advice on Funeral registration, documentation and certification
The Coffin
Transport of the Deceased within mainland UK
Care or the deceased prior to the Funeral
The use of the Chapel of Rest
Cremation or Burial
Doctors and officiants fees
A Full List of floral tributes
Disbursement Allowance


Things to remember

If you are considering a burial please note that the plan prices do not include the purchase of a grave or headstone. The cost and availability of graves vary throughout the country and any arrangements in that regard would need to be made separately.

All plans include an allowance towards the cost of an officiant attending the crematorium or cemetery. There may be additional charges made for an organist, choir or additional ceremony at a place of worship prior to the cremation or burial. Any additional costs would be payable from your estate at the time of the funeral.